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Yêhi is born during spring 1966. Graduate of Political Science and the Regional Administration Institute of Lille, nothing predestined her to art. Inspired by the creation based wire, she chose to turn away from traditional crochet techniques, knitting, to invent models and develop these techniques to jewelery design purposes. Handheld entertainment activity initially, will turn into poetic narratives with a multiplication of his creative themes. Her proximity with computers, will open the opportunity to experience digital art. At first by simple clipping paths, and then as a graphic instrument. She practices digital arts a lot fro 2005 to 2012, and then she began to experiment traditional painting technics, she discovers some potential but she is bored quickly, so she look for the way to rise a new concept. Since 2012, she introduced herself to sculpture in a tought about the enslavement and create a serie of 13 sculptures in early 2013. The growing approach of different materials, will lead to the mixing process and optimization, which will involved her creating around the recycling objects especially papers. The recycling art will take an ever more importan place confirmed by her own analysis about the book written by Prince Kojo Tovalou Houénou (1887-1936 "The involution ...." will be decisive for her new pictorial perception. Newspapers and other packaging papers gave materiality to this new perception. The used paper became material. This inspiration was confirmed by A. Laurent de Lavoisier's (1743 - 1794) conception of metamorphosis : "Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed". That is the circle of the metaphorical game of new painting style , witch will reconcile Yêji with contemporary concerns of resource conservation by recycling... Artistic training : Yêhi is defined as a self-taught visual artist. With strong notions of philosophy and history of the art. Interested by contemporary art from Africa, she founded the association Art'Monie and organized an end century exhibition with African artists from diaspora. More of them, are internationally known today. Competitions and Awards: Awards for "Afro-Caribbean Festival" in May 2008. Adult audience award for his work entitled "The horses in the meadow." Exhibitions . As curator In 2000, at the Sein Art'monie Association of which she is president, she is the curator of the "Afric'arc-en-ciel "exhibition with the city of Chelles in Seine-et-Marne. - France - . As an artist 2016 - Art Athina fairs 2016 (Athens) - Halage exhibition (Créteil - France) 2015 - Metaphors Melkart Gallery (Paris 3ème) 2011 "The fable of the flock" Space Valeyre (Paris 9ème) 2009 - Exposition Harmony and Chaos in Maasai Mara 2008 - Festival of Afro-Caribbean arts 2006 - UNESCO (PARIS) 2004 – CSAO Paris (3ème) 2002-2003: Wable Gallery (Lille)